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Vehicle Identification Number. VIN must be made up of exactly 17 characters Belongs to a vehicle manufacturer after On the driver's side dashboard viewable trough the windshield On the driver's side door on a sticker in the door jamb. Millions of real inquiries and counting 3 3 , 3 3 3 , 3 3 3.

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Unfortunately, these stolen vehicles often are sold to unsuspecting car buyers who can lose their investment. Innocent buyers who bought cloned cars can lose the car and may still be responsible to pay off any loan they took out for the purchase. Further, these consumers then may become part of a criminal investigation. Car thieves obtain VINs by simply copying the number from vehicles sitting at dealerships or in parking lots.


They then use the copied VINs to alter ownership documents, or they may create new fake documents to hide the stolen car's true identity. But there are ways to protect against VIN cloning. Make sure the car you are interested in buying is legitimate by conducting thorough research. Search by VIN.

Decoding and Understanding Vehicle Identification Numbers / VIN's

Locating the VIN The VIN is located in a number of places on a car, but most commonly on the dashboard you can see it through the windshield and the driver's side door jamb sticker. On the car: Inside the door Dashboard Under the hood.

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  • Check the papers Title documents Insurance policy Service records. Use these tips to protect yourself from fraud as you shop for a used car: Get the VIN from the seller or off of the vehicle itself. Vin cloning Beware stolen cars pretending to be something else!