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Calendars: maximum size 18" by 14" when opened; no metal components This eliminates standard 12x12 calendars Greeting Cards: maximum size 18" by 14", maximum 50 per month, no electronic cards All incoming mail addressed : The first line of the address on the envelope should contain the inmate's name and Department Identification Number DIN. Box , Zip Clinton Annex Rt. Most of the record series are incomplete, and only a sample of post case files is being preserved. Basic personal information including information on adult convictions and incarcerations is available without restriction.

However, probation, parole, and medical data is restricted by Department of Correctional Services regulations.

2 years ago, a pair of killers made a prison break straight out of 'Shawshank Redemption'

Access to prison and reformatory records is difficult because there are a limited number indexes to the records. The following record series are represented in the name index:. Matt and Sweat used their paintings and drawings as "a kind of prison currency" with the prison staff, the report said. Matt was expelled from the honor block in , prompting Sweat to send him gifts of tobacco, rolling papers and food, the report said.

Sweat later said that strengthened their friendship, according to the report. By , at the time of the escape, Matt was back on the honor block, and he and Sweat were housed in adjacent cells.

Almost immediately after his capture, Sweat bragged to police that the escape plan was all his idea, authorities said. The inmates used power tools to cut through the back of their cells, broke through a brick wall, cut into a steam pipe and then slithered through it, finally emerging outside the prison walls through a manhole, officials said.

They had arranged hoodies and other clothing in their sheets to make it appear as if they were in their beds, officials said, leaving behind a note that read, "Have a nice day.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo called the escape "elaborate" and "sophisticated," adding, "If you were writing a movie plot, they would say this was overdone. More than 1, law enforcement personnel, from 12 different state, local and federal agencies, were involved in what became the largest search in New York State Police history, a New York State Police spokesman told ABC News. The state police chased down more than 2, leads during the manhunt.

Because they were just everywhere, all the time.

What Does New York’s Prison System Look Like?

But O'Neill, a mother of four boys, said she felt a "great sense of pride in our community" for the police officers who swarmed Dannemora to protect them. Dannemora resident Jason Cerone described the escape as "unbelievable," but said he felt comfortable going about his daily life. The whole thing was just crazy. Authorities later learned that after the two emerged outside, the men looked for prison tailor shop employee Joyce Mitchell who had planned to meet them with a getaway car.

But Mitchell -- whose husband worked at the prison as an industrial training supervisor -- got cold feet and didn't show, forcing the escapees to regroup. Sweat allegedly told investigators he and Matt originally planned to flee to Mexico, but without Mitchell's car, they ditched the Mexico plan and decided to head to Canada.

Sweat later told authorities that soon after he and Matt escaped, people pulled up to a house on the block near the prison and asked the men what they were doing in their yard. Matt started to freak out, but Sweat told authorities that he stayed level-headed and convinced Matt to follow him into the woods. On June 20, near Owls Head, New York, 20 miles from the prison, a man stopped by his unlocked hunting cabin and saw signs of activity, including a misplaced coffeepot, a missing shotgun and a map ripped off the wall, and he alerted authorities.

Authorities said Sweat later told them that Matt was prepared to take the cabin owner hostage with the shotgun, but Sweat was able to convince him to leave. However, in their rush to flee the scene, vital clues -- including a toothbrush and razor with their DNA -- fell out of Matt's pack. Authorities later learned that at this point Sweat was getting fed up with the increasingly unstable Matt and decided to ditch him. He wanted to continue his odyssey and escape.

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After Sweat abandoned him, Matt moved on, but on June 26 Matt found himself surrounded by police near Elephant's Head, New York, about 50 miles away from the prison. That day, officials had announced they had reason to believe Sweat and Matt were planning to head to Canada, so U. A tactical team was deployed to a cabin and inside, the team noticed the smell of gunpowder. Matt, armed with a gauge shotgun, was laying in the woods, aiming at the agents. But as he prepared to shoot, he coughed and betrayed his position to the tactical team. Authorities told him to put up his hands, but he didn't comply, and Matt was shot and killed by a U. Border Patrol agent, officials said. Investigators then set up a perimeter in the area around where Matt was killed to try to corner Sweat, state police told ABC News, but Sweat managed to avoid them for another two days.

After ditching Matt, Sweat later told authorities that he traveled at night, avoided locals and shaved his face. Sweat, despite appearing to be the mastermind of the escape plot, also made a mistake that led to his capture. It was on June 28, , when he became anxious and decided to move in the daylight that he was spotted by a New York State Police sergeant. That day, Sgt. Jay Cook was alone on a routine patrol in the area of Constable, New York, approximately 1. When Sweat started to run, the sergeant opened fire, shooting and injuring Sweat. Mitchell, 53, the prison tailor shop employee who backed out of meeting the escapees with her car outside the prison, is now in prison herself after she was convicted of helping the killers escape.

She allegedly smuggled hacksaw blades, chisels and other tools into the prison in frozen hamburger meat, which a guard later gave to the inmates.