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Dex contact information is available in the Wholesale Customer Contacts. In order that you may ensure your end-users' listings are included accurately in CenturyLink's listings database, CenturyLink provides access to your listings information as it appears in CenturyLink's listings database. Providing your listing information to you gives you an opportunity to ensure your end-user listings were completed as ordered. Listing Order confirmation services include:. Occasionally, business rules may be slightly different for a state.

Specific ordering guidelines are provided in the " Ordering " Section of this document. Dex provides white pages directory publishing schedules and deadlines upon request. It may be necessary for CenturyLink to ask for a copy of your end-user's business license to validate that their name is listed correctly. The business license must be valid in the state s in which the end-user's listing will appear or we will not be able to accept the listing. When two or more local exchange access lines are served as a hunt group, only one Primary Listing is provided.

Options regarding the use and dissemination of your listings to white pages directory publishers are identified in your Interconnection Agreement with CenturyLink. Changes to your current choice for CenturyLink's use and dissemination of your end-users' listings for purposes of white pages directory publishing must be in writing and delivered to your CenturyLink Service Manager.

Integration of your end-user listings into CenturyLink's DA service provides universal access to your end-user listing information.

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Integration of your end-user listings into telephone directories, published on behalf of CenturyLink, provides universal access to your end-user listing information. Once the CenturyLink Sales Executive has received the completed New Customer Questionnaire and conveyed the listing instructions to the assigned CenturyLink Listing Account Manager, you may begin submitting listing order activity.

General pre-ordering information is located in the Pre Ordering Overview. DLI will allow you to view your end-user listings to prepare for the Ordering process. To view end-user listing information as it appears in the listings database, access the Directory Listing Inquiry System. Contact your CenturyLink Sales Executive with questions.

If you do not know your CenturyLink Sales Executive, click here for additional information. A dedicated printer is supported by a data only loop and it is an example of a single purpose service.

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FAX machines, Computer Systems, and Alarm Systems are supported by loops that capable of dual purpose service that includes voice and they are no longer included in the definition of "data only. You may choose to order a Business Listing on your residential account. The Business Listing must be non-published.

General ordering activities are described in the Ordering Overview. Field entry requirements are described in the LSOG. CenturyLink contact information is available in the Wholesale Customer Contacts. FBDL orders are updated directly to the CenturyLink listing database at the close of each business day. All daily updates from the CenturyLink listing database are fed directly to DA and directory publishers. Directory listings orders for Resale and Commercial Local Exchange Services products may be submitted to CenturyLink with a future service completion date whether the order is for listings only or includes other services.

These listings orders can be submitted to CenturyLink with future service completion dates because they flow through a service order processor that manages date driven activity. A jeopardy occurs on a service request if a condition exists that threatens timely completion.

Directory listings that are part of a service request jeopardy will not be established until the jeopardy is cleared. Jeopardy codes are described in the Provisioning and Installation Overview. If a listing appears incorrectly on DA or in a published telephone directory, you should validate the listing against your own records to determine whether the end-user information is listed as requested.

Once you notify CenturyLink of a discrepancy, the following steps will be taken to correct listing errors:. CenturyLink will compare the information in the listing database with the request forms e. While CenturyLink makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of end-users' listing s , it is possible that inaccurate listing s or listing s that do not meet CenturyLink's business rules exist prior to your conversion order.

If, however, the Offline Listing Center identifies such listing s after your conversion order has processed, they will query you and request a correcting order. Billing for Premium and Privacy FBDL will reflect charges for listings retained in the CenturyLink listing database at the beginning of the current billing month. You will receive credit for the entire month for listings deleted from the listing database after the first business day of the previous billing month.

Billing contact information will be provided on the invoice in the event you have questions. View CenturyLink courses by clicking on Course Catalog. Your initial point of contact is your CenturyLink Sales Executive. Issues outside the provision of basic white page directory listings, such as yellow pages advertising, yellow pages listings, directory coverage, courtesy contact information in the call guide pages or access to premium customer guide pages phone service pages , applicable listings criteria, white page enhancements, and publication schedules will be the subject of negotiations between you and directory publishers, including Dex or any other contracted publishers.

If necessary, a CenturyLink representative will facilitate discussion between you and Dex. How do I submit my listings to CenturyLink? Manual order submission by facsimile is also available and should be negotiated with your Listing Account Manager. If I have negotiated to use the manual ordering process, what forms do I use? CenturyLink does not accept any other version of a manual order form.

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Which order forms do I use? The LSOG will aid you in identifying when to use each specific form and the rules for completing it. Will I receive a Firm Order Confirmation for my listing order? Yes, if the listing is received via an electronic format, an electronic FOC will be returned.. Orders submitted manually will receive a manual LR via fax or email. Will I have an opportunity to check the listings for accuracy before directory closes?

Yes, you will receive monthly Verification Proofs containing the appearance of the listings on which there was activity during the previous month.

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Complete snapshots of all of your listings as they appear in the CenturyLink listings database are also available "On-Demand. No, all name s must have a proper first name or initial. However, Mr and Mrs can be added as Title of Address attributes. Can I list a postal address as a listed address? Yes, however, the service address is still required. Where can I obtain information regarding white page directory "close" dates? You should contact Dex or the other independent directory publisher in which you desire to have end-user listings appear.

Does CenturyLink allow listing migration on Number Portability orders? Yes, CenturyLink supports migration "as is" with no changes to the listing, however, the listing must reside in the CenturyLink listing database. For Home. Contact Us Login to Control Center.

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Customer Service. Manage My Account. White Pages Directory Listings - V Listings Types Include: Primary or Main Listing includes the name s , address listed and premises address where service is located , and the telephone number of the exchange access line service for each end-user. Premium Listings examples include: Premium Listings Description Additional Listing A listing that is in addition to the primary listing provided for exchange access line service. It is provided in the same directory as the primary listing. A numeric listing must be associated with the alpha display and must immediately follow the alpha line. Alternate Call Listing Listing that refers callers to an alternate number during certain hours or on certain days, or "if no answer" is received at the main number.

The alternate number may be that of a different service of the same subscriber or of a service furnished by a different subscriber. In the latter case, the subscriber desiring the Alternate Call Listing must have the consent of the other party. Directory Assistance Call Completion charges are as follows:. Existing user? Sign in. Support Phone Directories. Looking for Verizon White Pages? To order a print version of the directory: Place your order online at the directorystore , global directory bookstore, or Call 1.

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Directory Assistance Call Completion charges are as follows: If the number is not answered or busy, you will only be billed for the directory assistance request If the call is answered, you be charged for the call completion service and the directory assistance request Local Directory Assistance, National Directory Assistance and Call Completion charges vary by location. Need more support? Verizon forums. Order status. Repair status. Contact Us.