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However, wireless numbers for residential customers are not available via Historically, the tariffs for wireline telephone service allowed subscribers to place a certain number of directory assistance calls for free each month. More recently, telephone companies are charging subscribers for every directory assistance call. In the U. Companies must request to have their toll-free number listed and pay the providers each time their phone number is released to a Toll-free directory assistance caller.

The service of queries is often outsourced to a call centre that specializes in that function. Historically, when a single carrier provided most of the telephony services for a region, the data used to satisfy the search could come exclusively from that carrier's subscriber rolls. Today, when the market is fragmented amongst many carriers, the data must be aggregated by a data aggregator specializing in directory listings. The data aggregator distributes the data to the services either on a "live" basis, actually servicing each query, or by periodically transferring large swaths of listings to the call center's systems for local searching.

The data aggregator collects the data from the rolls of many telecommunication carriers. Some carriers such as Vonage do not send their customer rolls to the aggregator.

Private companies have entered the directory assistance market by offering free directory assistance. Customers often must listen to an advertisement prior to receiving directory services. In Australia, there are two standard directory assistance numbers that can be accessed from any phone provider, these are for national directory assistance and for international directory assistance. Other directory service numbers are carrier specific and can only be accessed by customers of that particular provider, for example Sensis on is a premium operator-assist directory service that only certain Telstra customers are able to access.

Other operator-assist directory services do exist, for example CallConnect on however these numbers are not guaranteed to be accessible from all phone providers within Australia. In the United Kingdom directory enquires services sometimes abbreviated as "DQ" [3] are provided by a variety of different companies, with a variety of call charges, each company reached by dialling a six-digit number beginning with OSIS accepts updates from telecoms providers seven days a week, and supplies that information to the enquiry companies six days a week.

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Until 23 August directory enquiries were available by dialling for numbers in Britain, and for foreign numbers, with the service supplied by the caller's telephone company. Until the s the service was free to use; then charges were introduced from 2 April [6] , although for some years directory enquiries continued to be free from payphones.

Support for and was replaced on 24 August by competitive directory enquiries services using different numbers beginning "". The pricing structure for UK directory enquiries was reformed by Ofcom on 1 July The access charge is typically 2p to 13p per minute from landlines, and 5p to 55p per minute from mobiles. It applies for calls to , and 09 numbers, and must be shown prominently in tariff lists.

The service charge may be charged per call, per minute, or a combination of the two. There are available service charge price points, known as SC to SC The applicable service charge codes are also shown in BT's pricing table section 2, part Following criticism of very high and increasing charges for DQ services, Ofcom introduced a price cap to levels from 1 April A number offering a directory enquiries service allowing people to request to be put through to a mobile phone number was established in June Later in , a similar failure to clearly state call costs resulted in a fine for the service.

In soaring call costs for directory enquiries services including and [19] prompted an Ofcom review of services. Some directory enquiries services stand accused of inappropriate methods of promoting their services, effectively scamming people into calling. Various unallocated geographic and non-geographic numbers play an announcement directing callers to call a particular directory enquiries number for help.

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People may hear this message when they mis-dial a wanted number [23] or may appear to have missed a call from the unallocated number and hear this message if they call back. Some services donate part of their income to charities, such as animal welfare and football clubs. McAfee Security can be added to your device at any time. Choose from one of the following 2GB, 5GB, or 10GB monthly data options to increase your high-speed or mobile hotspot data each month to meet your needs.

Caller Tunes Terms and Conditions. Metro has bundled two of our services to make it convenient to get protection from unexpected threats. These services can be purchased as standalone services but packaged together, they make the Metro experience even better! You can add this to your device at any time. Up to 3 months of call history. We make it easy to know what charges on your statement are from third parties. Mexico Unlimited Connect with loved ones in Mexico with unlimited calling and texting to and from Mexico with up to 5GB of data roaming included. Mexico Unlimited.

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When dialing from Mexico:. To call numbers in U. When dialing from the U. Add Mexico Unlimited Today! Additional information about Mexico Unlimited:. Value Bundle Benefits. Get these Features:. Name iD : Blocks calls from unwanted, restricted, anonymous, private or unknown parties. This service is currently not available on iPhones.

International Text Messaging : Send text messages across the globe. Voicemail to Text : Converts your voicemails to texts and delivers them straight to your phone. Call Forwarding : Forward calls from your cell phone to any local number. Call Forwarding is easy to set up and use, so you never miss a call! Unlimited Directory Assistance : Unlimited calls to directory assistance for business and residential listings in the U. Learn More. Premium Security Bundle Protect yourself against everyday threats with device protection and other added services all wrapped into one value packed bundle!

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Learn more about:. Complete coverage for:. Loss and theft Accidental damage, including liquid damage Malfunctioning devices due to mechanical or eletrical issues. All area codes are three digits long and phone numbers are seven digits. Landlines and cell phones are assigned phone numbers the same way.

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You cannot tell by looking at a phone number whether it is a landline or a cell phone. A map of U. Many large metro areas overlap area codes when they run out of numbers in a given area code. For example, the area codes , and are overlapped in the Dallas, TX area. The area codes and overlap in Northern Virginia, as do the and area codes in the San Francisco Bay area.

In such areas, even when you are making local calls, you have to dial 1 and then the area code in addition to the phone number. This is generally only the case for long distance calls. If you are dialing within the same area code in an area without overlapped area codes, you can simply dial the seven-digit phone number. Some calls may be considered regional toll calls somewhere between local and long distance calls even when you are dialing in the same area code.

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You may be charged by the minute for such calls. The general rules for area codes are described here, although there are always exceptions. It is not necessary to first dial 1 while dialing this number. Some companies provide unlimited local calls but charge on a per minute basis for regional toll and long distance calls. It is possible to let different telephone companies handle your local, regional toll and long distance calls. Most phones that you find in hotel rooms are essentially extensions.

Many hotels even have such an extension in the bathroom. The hotel charges a fee, which can range from small or large, to make every phone call, even if it is toll-free. You can find a public telephone, usually located in the hotel lobby, if you do not want to pay fees.

stonlog.com/components/map11.php Pay phones are for public use. You will need to insert 50 cents or 2 quarters to make a local phone call of up to 3 minutes.