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This William could account for the Greene tax payer William, but not a one since he was in Virginia at that time. Zachariah Casteel c? This date was given in the notes of Randy Wilhoit Malone researcher that you Leslie sent. Pitt was retaken in Zachariah is noted in Greene County records on a road crew in and on a jury in He appears to have remained on his land until his death in when his will was probated.

Children of Zachariah and Elizabeth: 1. John was born c in PA taken from Greene census. He appears to have remained in Greene County his whole life. He also appears to have remained in Greene County his whole life, where he died in David 3. He also appears to have spent his life in Greene County. Wilson, Archilbald McCurry, Thos. The family of John Casteel Sr.

The second is from Jan 15, , when John Casteel Sr. There were only a few other Casteels mentioned in early Blount county, all of whom may have been sons of John Sr. The most likely of these is John Casteel Jr. Proposed family model for John Casteel Sr. Henry b: c in TN; d: aft. Elizabeth m:? Gilbreath 2. Abraham b. Willis b.

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Nancy b. Barney b. Morris b. Mary b. Joseph b: bef. John Casteel [3]. There are many references to a John Casteel in Blount County records, though it is difficult to distinguish between John Sr. John Sr. First of all, John Casteel Jr. We know that John settled down on the Tennessee River During the August session a deed of conveyance from James Lackey to John Casteel for acres was acknowledged in open court 9.

It is very likely that this is the same acres that he received a grant for in , BK 1, p. Almost 20 years later in John received 2 more grants for contiguous land for a total of acres. We know that it was all the same John because this is stated explicitly in the deed records from when he sells all acres to his neighbor Thomas Wyly [DB 4, p.

I believe this John Casteel moved to St. Francis County, AR between Since this PA Edward was serving in the militia in then he was born before 16 years old in This is right within the time frame of possibility for him to be a son of John Sr. If this was the same Edward who came to TN then the case is strengthened further. The first record of him in TN is for jury duty in Blount County in late , exactly the time frame when we know John Sr.

Seems pretty straightforward? Edward was a commissioned ensign in the Blount County Militia in In Feb of Edward received a deed of conveyance for 50 acres from a John Johnston. In Edmund Casteel received a grant for Next, on to Roane County, TN. Roane was formed in , and bordered Blount on the west Loudon was not created until after the civil war.

Available County Court records list no Casteels, and no Casteels are listed on the Roane tax list. However, during Edward was once called for jury duty, and his name is mentioned several times in the county court minutes of and Another interesting Roane County record is an suit by the state against a William Casteel, in which Barney Casteel is mentioned not as a defendant, possibly a securitor.

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Instead, I believe he moved to McMinn County, TN where he does show up on the census of , and where he reportedly died the following year. Joseph Casteel. Joseph is only noted a few times in Blount county — first on an tax list with no land. Next, he was found not guilty in a suit brought against him in Blount County by John Lowry in May, He received a grant for acres in Blount County in [BK 2, p.

Since Peter Key was also from Greene, this apparent association strengthens the idea that this Joseph is the same one that was named in Greene in Thomas Casteel. Since I think you had to be 21 to serve on a jury, this Thomas was born around or before —late enough to be part of the next generation perhaps son of John Jr. Philip Casteel. This was very probably a son of John Jr. Since the Little Tennessee River formed the border between Blount and Roane, this may have been just across the river.

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This Philip moved to St. Francis County, AR with John by [where he is on the census in and ] and seems to have died before [the St. Since we know of no other Philip Casteel, I think it is more likely that there was only one and his first wife must have died.

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Abednigo Casteel and sons James and Benjamin. This is Abednigo Jr. Sometime between and Abednigo Jr. I believe all of the family discussed above had already left the county by the time Abednigo moved there. Locating the Casteels in Blount County There are a couple of rough ideas about neighborhoods that can be pulled from these deed records, a few road crews named in the court records, and the tax list.

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Both of these tracts were purchased by deed and should be noted in the deed book. However, I have only seen the deeds from The only reason we know of these transactions is because they were record ed in the court minutes, which did not specify any information about neighbors. In contrast to these tracts purchased in , both John and Edward were granted land in which appear to have been different tracts. Since these grants are numbered consecutively, I assume that they were probably next to each other. Also, since both John and Edward are listed in the tax list in Capt.

We know that Edwards land was later bordered by a James Greenway and a Robert Hughes, and by looking at other deeds that mention these two we can identify several neighbors of Greenway and Hughes including John and Henry Franks, Abraham Whittenbarger, Moses Robinett, John Bible, George Cook, and several others most of whom are also on Capt.

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Most of these people, including I believe John and Edward, were living in the western part of the county, in what is now Loudon along what is now called the Little Tennessee River but was then just called the Tennessee River , and a little bit eastward along what was then the Holston now referred to asthe Tennessee River , including Hickory Valley [area 2 on the map below].

Finally, it should be noted on the map below that Francis and Abednigo Casteel and their families were known to be living on Stock Creek, across the river in Knox County —only a few miles above where we are talking about. Francis Casteel was already living in Knox county when it was formed, having moved from Greene County sometime after The land grants listed below show that both families lived in the southern part of the County on Stock Creek, probably near the mouth by what is now called Casteel Branch [see map on Blount page].

The first mention of Francis Casteel in PA is from his signing a congressional petition to create a new state out of western PA sometime The first tax list of Washington County in names Francis and charges him a tax on his acre tract Zachariah Casteel is also on this list with 65 acres. Vanderbuilt Ezekiel Mitchell M b. November 11, , d. November 5, , d. July 28, , d. May, , d.

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May, Word Henderson M b. June 13, , d. July 19, , d.