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Head to South Philly and you'll see blue collar laborers earning their paychecks in the public market.

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But it's not all work here; Philly knows how to cut loose as well. In addition to an exciting nightlife, there are also numerous public parks and golf courses where you can unwind.

Philadelphia County is a great place to visit or to call home; in fact, many famous people have come from this area, including Kevin Bacon, Chubby Checker, Eve, and Bob Saget. If you would like to use this page as a resource for your county, city, state, library, or other page, please link to us! Simply copy and paste the following into your source code:.

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Find Public Records Now! Get case number from web or search unit Rm , then get case files from record unit Record Rm , then certify at Rm Jurisdiction: Felony The Criminal Section has jurisdiction over all felony cases and appeals from Municipal Court for a trial de novo new trial including a right to a trial by jury. The wbe page states the fax line is , but it appears to be no longer wokring. Jurisdiction: Misdemeanor less than 5 years , Felony Hearings MC has initial jurisdiction in misdemeanor trials and preliminary hearings for all felony cases.

Therefore, some cases, such as those involving felony offenses, will initially be filed in MC but will be adjudicated in the Common Pleas. For marriage records call Jurisdiction: Traffic Direct all inquiries concerning parking violations to the Parking Authority at Phone: , Recorded Documents.

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Clean Slate will prevent minor criminal records from trapping people in poverty for life. Medical-Legal Partnerships MLP address legal issues that impact health, such as lack of heat, unstable housing, or food insecurity, by embedding legal experts within health care teams. The MLP model ensures that legal advocates can address problems before they become crises by working closely with health care teams.

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