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Image by Heidi Schminke. Image by Ryan Oradat. Image by Rachel Grimes. Over the centuries, a succession of empires—Greek, Persian, Roman, Byzantine and, finally, Ottoman—ruled over the city of Ephesus.

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Yet no matter how many times it changed hands, the city remained one of the most vibrant metropolises of the ancient world. Located on Turkey's western coast, nearly , people lived there at its height, in the second century A. Its busy seaport ferried goods from Asia to Greece, Italy and beyond.

Ephesus' greatest claim to fame was its temple to the goddess Artemis. One of the "seven wonders" of the ancient world, it was almost four times larger than the Parthenon in Athens. According to the New Testament, the Apostle Paul preached in Ephesus, prompting a riot led by silversmiths who crafted shrines to the goddess and feared for both their livelihoods and the future of the temple.

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Today, a few columns are all that remain of the temple. But there is still much to see that evokes the city's former splendor. A three-tiered theater, built into the slope of a hill, once seated 25, Just outside the city stands the Church of Saint John, built in the fourth century over the evangelist's presumed tomb and expanded into a basilica some years later. Jodi Magness, an archaeologist at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill who has visited Ephesus more than a dozen times, says the city "is almost like a snapshot in time.

You get the sense of what walking down the street of a Roman city was like without having to use your own imagination. Editor's note, May 7, An earlier version of this story included an incorrect photograph for Ephesus. The page has been updated. Washington, D. Situated on the northern bank of the Potomac River, its size is approximately 68 square miles, carved out of land donated by the state of Maryland. Divided into four quadrants: Northwest, Southwest, Northeast, Southeast. The U.

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Capitol building marks the center where the quadrants meet. It was founded in and named after President George Washington. Washington, the District of Columbia is not a state, nor is it part of any state. It is a unique "federal district" created specifically to be the seat of government. The actual population in D.

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From the beginning it has been embroiled in political maneuvering, sectional conflicts and issues of race, national identity, compromise and, of course, power. George Washington chose the site and appointed three commissioners to help prepare for the arrival of the new government in In the federal government consisted of employees. Benjamin Banneker, a self-taught African-American mathematical genius, provided the astronomical calculations for surveying and laying out the city.

The full development of Washington as a monumental city, however, did not come until a hundred years later when the McMillan Commission updated its plan to establish the National Mall and monuments that most visitors to Washington now know. As home to the federal government, it has attracted a diverse mix of government workers, members of Congress from every state, foreign emissaries, lobbyists, petitioners and protestors.

Washington has always had a significant African-American population. Before the Civil War, the city was home to a growing number of free blacks who worked as skilled craftsmen, hack drivers, businessmen and laborers. It also included enslaved African-Americans and was the site of slave auctions before they were outlawed in the city in Washington remained home to a large African-American population who created vibrant communities and championed civil rights despite racial segregation and prejudice.

The location on the Potomac River was chosen, in part, because it already included two existing port towns of Georgetown and Alexandria which served as regional shipping centers for tobacco and wheat. When Alexandria returned to Virginia in , residents argued that inclusion within the District of Columbia had hurt business, and that the city of Washington would never need that much room to grow. The expansion of streetcar lines in the midth century spurred creation of new suburbs. Two early suburbs, LeDroit Park and Anacostia, both began as developments that excluded African-Americans and later became predominantly African-American communities.

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Wars and national events have always resulted in the growth of the federal government and increases in population. During the Civil War, Washington was an armed encampment with soldiers bivouacked everywhere and public buildings serving as hospitals. Bread for soldiers was baked in ovens located on the White House grounds.

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Washington is also a cosmopolitan city. While it has always had foreign delegations from the countries of the world, it also boasts an increasingly diverse ethnic population. A growing Latino population represents every Central and South American country with a particularly large community of Salvadorans. A large Ethiopian population has resulted from the political turmoil there.

New ethnic groups have brought new restaurants, as well as new residents. While D.

source Representation in Congress is limited to a non-voting delegate to the House of Representatives and a shadow Senator. Their stories give Washington its distinctive character as both a national and local city. In West Virginia, music is part of life. Here, Mountain Stage, the state's live radio show, brings an eclectic blend of traditional and contemporary international musicians together weekly to share the wonders of music with a national Public Radio audience.

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Here, on a busy Labor Day weekend, the Olympia Brass Band brings its New Orleans jazz sound to the streets of downtown Charleston for a colorful funeral parade only hours before the West Virginia Symphony provides classical music accompaniment to the city's fireworks display on the Kanawha River. Whether your taste runs to Appalachian traditional music that echoes the strains of the state's Celtic, Scotch and British ancestry or the wonderful rhythms of African-American hymns and southern Gospel harmonies or the driving beat of true country and bluegrass sounds, there's a place for you in West Virginia.

Chances are you'll find what you are looking for any time of the year. Mountain Stage Since , Mountain Stage has brought a unique brand of musical entertainment to listeners of National Public Radio throughout the world. The longest-running program of its kind, Mountain Stage presents contemporary music mixed with traditional and grassroots performers on every live two-hour program. It showcases well-known artists while providing an exciting international forum for new and lesser-known performers.

Each summer for more than 40 years, Theatre West Virginia has produced two captivating outdoor drama performances. Augusta Heritage Center Elkins The Augusta Heritage Center, located on the campus of Davis and Elkins College in Elkins, is dedicated to making traditional music, crafts, dancing and folklore available to visitors and residents alike.

Since , thousands of people of all ages and from around the world have visited this picturesque mountain town where they learn, share and enjoy the interesting and valuable heritage of West Virginia. From April through October, the Center offers more than weeklong classes in traditional arts and music. These programs include a mix of classes, public performances and jam sessions guaranteed to have participants loving what they are learning. Presented year-round at the historic Capitol Music Hall, this is a must-see for country music lovers. Today, the Hall, located in Lewisburg, sponsors a diverse performing arts series, concerts and musical programs that bring the best of national and local talent to the historic Greenbrier River town.

The Wheeling Symphony and the West Virginia Symphony Charleston The Wheeling Symphony and the West Virginia Symphony offer programs that blend the best of traditional symphonies with local and guest performances, pop concerts and special programs.

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  • In the summer, both symphonies offer outdoor performances around the state. For a breathtaking weekend of symphony and scenery, consider the summer symphony weekend at Snowshoe Mountain Resort. Artist series performances at Marshall University in Huntington and West Virginia University in Morgantown bring eclectic programming to these two university campuses.

    Contemporary American Theatre, Shepherd College In the Eastern Panhandle, the Contemporary American Theatre at Shepherd College offers its audience some of the best in contemporary drama during its annual summer program. Recognized for its edgy performances and introduction of new playwrights and materials, the summer program draws audiences from the East Coast who are looking for new theater works. The Greenbrier Valley Theatre in Lewisburg and Tamarack in Beckley bring fine theater performances to their towns, as do local theater groups and organizations around the state. Charleston In Charleston, performances on the intimate stages of the Cultural Center on the State Capitol Complex and the local churches-turned-stages of the Charleston Light Opera Guild and Kanawha Players bring audiences and actors closer together.

    Edwards Performing Arts Center in Huntington include performance and experimental theaters. Warsaw's Golgotha began when the German Army invaded Poland in Like Carthage in the Punic Wars, the city was targeted for depopulation and destruction. Indeed by the time the Red Army finally moved into Warsaw in , it was a silent field of rubble.

    But like migrating birds, the survivors slowly drifted back. It was a massive undertaking, but the people threw themselves into it enthusiastically. Scarcely an adult or youth didn't participate in one way or another: sweeping, digging or passing bricks. Aiding the architects were historic paintings by Canaletto the younger, which provided detailed views of the city and its landmarks.

    Over the decades that followed, first the Old Town, then churches and private palaces, as well as parks and monuments were slowly restored. And as Communism entered its final free-fall in the late s, a new vitality began transforming much of the resurgent city. Last summer, as Warsaw celebrated its th anniversary and its symbolic rebirth with concerts, festivals and fairs, author Rudolph Chelminski revisited the city for the first time in 20 years. Much to his delight, he found that, as the Poles "hurl themselves headlong into Western-style consumerism," the city's politicians have not yet mastered the West's propensity for public relations.

    In spite of their best efforts to convince him otherwise, Chelminski concludes that Warsaw is on a roll. A century ago, the United States brought a new version of empire to the Philippines, and only reluctantly lowered the flag at its last military outposts there in Between times, an extraordinary relationship grew up between Americans and Filipinos, constantly veering between affection and outrage, and perhaps best summed up by demonstrators' signs during a recent dispute: "Yankee Go Home — And Take Me With You! America came to the Philippines in when Commodore George Dewey, whose famous command at Manila Bay, "You may fire when you are ready, Gridley," demolished the antiquated Spanish fleet in a sideshow to the war between the United States and Spain over Cuba.

    But the United States soon took over the whole archipelago. Filipinos were outraged; a bloody guerrilla war followed between U. By the Philippines had received quasi-independent commonwealth status with full independence promised within ten years, but World War II intervened. Under Gen. Full independence came to the shattered country on July 4, Or did it?

    Many Filipinos argue that Uncle Sam went right on exploiting the country. United States' use of Philippine ports and military bases during the Vietnam War renewed local outrage. President Ferdinand Marcos and his wife Imelda ruled the country for 21 years with what seemed to Filipinos the tacit approval of the United States. But there is another side to the story. America's greatest and most lasting contribution was the Philippines' system of free, universal education.

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    A free press, public works, public health and American-style justice were also important colonial gifts. Ed and Sally Kiester travel to the Philippines to discover America's continuing and conflicting legacies. Skip to main content.