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He completed the building June 29, The square also was the site of the next courthouse. Plans were presented to the court in July by John R. Chenault, superintendent. Walcott; however, the order was rescinded Nov. Gabriel Johnson then built the courthouse; the record is not clear about whether Walcott's or Johnson's plans were used. The first story was used for Circuit Court room and offices, the second story for jail and offices.

The courthouse was completed July 10, Used as a hospital during the Civil War, it was destroyed by fire in October For the next 30 years the court moved into a number of temporary quarters: a school, a remodeled jail, a two-story building on the west side of the square and a Baptist church converted for the court's use. This did not materialize because Webb City residents, who had not approved of the proposition, challenged the election on the basis of a technicality in the voting procedure. The protest ended in the Supreme Court, where the decision required that the issue be resubmitted to the people.

In May the tax funding the building again received an affirmative vote. Officials accepted the plans of architect M.

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The Jasper County Sheriff's office has legal jurisdiction throughout the county. To the west were the Great Plains where they hunted buffalo. By the late 17th century, the Osage were calling themselves Wah-Zha-Zhe. He noted the people he encountered as the Ouchage, his way of expressing the sound of the name with French spelling. In Louisiana was named an administrative district of New France therefore, as far as the Europeans France, England and Spain were concerned, the area of Jasper County was French territory.

The French further divided the Louisiana district into an upper and lower parts with the Arkansas River being the dividing line. France regained control of Louisiana through the secret Treaty of San Ildefonso in but Napoleon Bonaparte I decided to sell the territory to the United States in The Osage began treaty-making with the United States in with the first cession of lands in Missouri in the Osage Treaty.

In , the Osages ceded their traditional lands across Missouri, Arkansas, and Oklahoma. They were first moved onto a southeastern Kansas reservation in the Cherokee Strip, on which the city of Independence, Kansas now sits and finally to Indian Territory in Francis River and north of Arkansas County and consisted of all of present-day southwestern Missouri and part of northwestern Arkansas. Lawrence County was short-lived, however, as three years later it was combined with part of Cape Girardeau County and renamed Wayne County. In , all of Missouri Territory was admitted to the Union as the state of Missouri, and in Crawford County was carved out of the original Wayne.

This new division covered all of the southern part of Missouri and included Jasper County in its boundaries. At this time Jasper was not a full-fledged county but was attached to Newton County and it would not be until A temporary seat of justice was established, Thursday, February 25, in the home of George Hornback. The officers of the court were Charles S. Yancey, judge, and Elwood B. James, clerk. Mount Vernon attorney Robert W. Crawford was appointed circuit attorney pro tem.

Jasper County, Missouri

John P. Osborn, the first sheriff, was ordered to give public notice that the county court of Jasper County would meet in the home of George Hornback until the permanent seat of justice was established. The first session of the court was two days; the proceedings covered four pages of record. A permanent county seat was chosen in March and designated by the name of Carthage. A one-story single-room wooden structure with a large door in the south, was completed on June 29, , and was located on the north side of the present public square in Carthage.

This courthouse was later replaced by a larger two-story brick-and-stone structure that was completed in , which also functioned as the county jail. At the second term of the court held in October of the same year, attorneys Robert W. Crawford and John R. Chenault were cited for contempt and fined the sum of ten dollars for "fighting in the presence and view of said court during the said sitting.

Possibly for their own self-preservation, and to buy time to make preparations in Southwest Missouri for the inevitable war that would soon ravage both of these border counties, the two former adversaries voted in favor of keeping Missouri in the Union.

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Missouri was the only state to hold a convention on secession and then vote to remain in the Union. At the outset of the war Chenault, by then a circuit court judge, moved with his family to Texas. By the start of the American Civil War in there were several small river mill settlements, some mining camps and about nine or ten towns seven platted in Jasper County, Missouri. The county seat of Carthage, Missouri had an estimated population between four and five hundred at that time. The newer brick courthouse was used as a hospital during the American Civil War and was destroyed by fire during fighting in October By the end of the Civil War, Carthage had been evacuated and completely destroyed, and much of Jasper County laid in ruins.

Other than military tribunals no courts were held in Jasper County between May 11, and October 10, By order of the Governor in , the courthouse was relocated to the pioneer schoolhouse at Cave Springs near present-day La Russell, Missouri with John C. Price of Mount Vernon appointed as the circuit court judge.

go Price later before? The county adopted an official flag in , which was unveiled during the county's th birthday celebration. The center blue and red stars memorialize the struggle in Jasper County during the Civil War years, including the Battle of Carthage in and second battle in According to the U. The Joplin tornado ranked as the seventh deadliest in America's history. As of the census [2] of , there were , people, 45, households, and 30, families residing in the county.

The racial makeup of the county was Approximately 6. There were 45, households out of which Create an Account - Increase your productivity, customize your experience, and engage in information you care about. Anyone wanting to pay a fine will be able to do so through the court office from am to pm.

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Twenty-four hour access to make phone payments is also available by calling the toll free number of bilingual representatives available. It is not advisable to place cash in the drop box. The Joplin Municipal Court is a court of limited jurisdiction and record which, through its judges and staff, adjudicates traffic infractions and misdemeanor offenses that are alleged to have occurred within the Joplin city limits.