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It will introduce some online tools that can help you better understand your autosomal DNA results. It will also explain a number of strategies such as how to identify paternal and maternal lines, how to analyse DNA segments and matches, and how to use methods such as triangulation and DNA mapping to progress your family history. This presentation will help you explore your autosomal DNA more fully by using other sites and more advanced techniques to progress your family history.

It also provides various ways you can use these profi les to break through brick walls in your family history and identify unknown matches. The session will explain how to create a profi le and upload data from other sites. The session is intended for people who have done an autosomal DNA test and have at least a basic understanding of DNA segment information.

It is an introductory session and will cover who can take the test, the diff erent levels of testing, and how Y DNA tests can be used in your family history. It will briefl y explain haplogroups and ancient origins of your ancestors. It will also provide an overview of the Y DNA test results and how to interpret them.

Y DNA is particularly important in tracing the paternal line and surnames, and can be used to investigate brick walls and mysteries related to male lineage. The Y DNA test also enables you to join surname groups and haplotype groups which can provide additional information about your ancestry. Tutorials will be held monthly. While you can download your raw data, most DNA testing services do not allow you to import data from other services.

FTDNA is an exception.

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Both services take data privacy seriously and pledge to protect your personal and genetic information. They also give you various privacy controls tools.

With AncestryDNA, you can decide what information to show to your matches e. Ancestry DNA also allows you to invite other people to view your information and you can set various levels of access. FTDNA has a bit more flexibility regarding what you matches can see you. While this increases the chances of finding matches, it means you have to surrender more information. Note that this does not include shipping costs for the kit and applicable taxes. You are mainly interested in building out your family tree, and DNA genealogy is just one of many tools you will use.

You want the ability to trace your maternal or paternal lineage independently or need extra precision in your results.

What I actually learned about my family after trying 5 DNA ancestry tests

I'm just another amateur genealogist investigating my American-Scots-Irish lineage. Hopefully, this site will save you time and demystify the emerging science of DNA-based genealogy, for your family project. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I found your video interesting and as a beginner looking into my ancestry, would probably take the family tree offer. Helpful info. I invested a lot into FTDNA for myself, wife and parents; but have spent an enormous amount of time building a family tree on Ancestry.

Little realizing that they were competitors….

My Ancestry DNA Test results vs my Family Tree DNA

I have tests from both of these companies. I first did a test on my father who has since passed away.

Best DNA Test for Ancestry

This was many years ago, probably before there was an AncestryDNA test available. Since that time I have received less than ten matches from this test. I have contacted every match I received, most more than once. I am always polite. I have been doing genealogy research on my family since the early so I already have a lot of information. Ancestry has, on the other hand, allowed me to confirm many relationships to our common ancestors, something that is very important to me.

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I am also easily able to try to communicate with my matches, and though the rate of response is not as good as I would like many people seem to only be interested in the general regions their family is from and not the specifics , I have made MANY MANY connections with people. I am very happy with Ancestry. Family Tree DNA, which I had had high hopes for, has proven to be a dismal failure and a waste of money. I am only one person, but this is what I have experienced. I wish things were different. AncestryDNA vs. FamilyTree DNA. Ethnicity Report. Paternal Genealogy Tracing. Maternal Genealogy Tracing.

Family tree. Data Export. Health Screening. Once you receive your kit, follow the simple instructions to activate it and send us your DNA sample. This proprietary method delivers a level of detail impossible with other ancestry DNA tests. It also uses the latest technology, which is constantly updated in response to the latest industry innovations and peer-reviewed research.

As the technology evolves so too does the detail of your test results, which will receive free ongoing upgrades. Knowing the specific British and Irish regions your DNA commonly originates from can help point you in the right direction when researching your family history. Paired with our unrivalled British and Irish county record coverage, Findmypast DNA is the only choice for discovering all you can about your British and Irish roots.

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Living DNA and Findmypast are British companies joining forces to combine cutting-edge science with traditional family history research methods. Living DNA's test results provide a regional breakdown that perfectly complements our unrivalled collection of British and Irish historical records.

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  4. A collaboration between scientists, researchers and genetic experts from across the globe, Living DNA has offered ancestry tests since while parent company, DNA Worldwide Group, has been operating since As we focus on the best of British and Irish family history, we are committed to continue making improvements to the Findmypast DNA test to make it possible to not only discover where your ancestors came from, but learn their amazing stories too.

    Jason Demir Rebecca Abrams Dani Smith What makes you, you? Bring your results to life Once you know where your British and Irish ancestors lived, you can discover their stories with the world's largest archive of relevant historical records in your Findmypast subscription. Already taken an ancestry DNA test? We take your privacy seriously At Findmypast your privacy is top priority.