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Each individual must provide a current state or federal photo id or a certified birth certificate. You must be at least 16 years of age to apply for a marriage license.

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Bring Money. Bring Patience: There is a 72 hour mandatory waiting period on all marriage licenses. This waiting period may be waived by completion of the voluntary premarital class. Your marriage license remains valid for 90 days after issue. For example, the State of Texas requires a hour waiting period between receipt of the marriage license and the actual performance of the marriage.

There are some exceptions; for example, members of the military and other employees of the Department of Defense don't have to wait.

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It's probably best to apply a few weeks before your Texas wedding date if you can; you'll have 90 days before your license expires, which gives you plenty of time to plan ahead. When you both appear before the clerk, you will need to meet the following requirements to get your Texas marriage license:. Getting a license is only the first step to following Texas' marriage laws. After you get your marriage license in Texas, you'll need to find an approved person to conduct your ceremony.

Luckily, Texas' laws about marriage officiants are simple.

The following people are authorized to conduct your Texas wedding ceremony:. As long as your officiant meets these requirements and is competent to fill out his portion of your marriage license, you'll be good to go. Your officiant won't need permission from the state, and Texas doesn't require registration for wedding officiants.

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Other legal requirements, such as whether your Texas wedding will require a permit, depend on local laws. The City of Galveston, for example, doesn't require permits for weddings held on public beaches so long as the event doesn't disrupt the public use of the space and doesn't involve the use of chairs or amplifiers. Corpus Christi doesn't require weddings in public parks to get permits, but you will have to notify the park management staff and work with them to organize your event.

To get married in one of Houston's public parks, however, you'll need to get a permit. Working with an experienced event planner who's local to the area where you're getting married in Texas can help you avoid having to deal with these kinds of logistical headaches. The last legal hurdle you'll have to clear for your Texas wedding is changing your name s. After that, you'll just need to go through the process of changing your name on your bank accounts, government IDs, credit cards, bills, work payroll account and any other accounts with your name. OK, so you know how to get married in Texas and how much it might cost you, but when are you going to do it?

Whether you're considering outdoor Dallas wedding venues or plan to get married indoors in Austin, timing your Texas wedding is important. Across all regions in the state, winter is the least popular season for getting married in Texas. Spring is a common choice, with about a quarter of weddings in all parts of the state except for West Texas happening during this time of year. West Texas is the only region where the majority of weddings took place in summer; in the rest of the state, fall was the most popular Texas wedding season. Weather is often a common influence on when couples choose to get married.

But even if you aren't too worried about weather, there are other things to consider when setting a date, especially if you or any of your guests are travelling a long way to get to your final wedding venue destination.

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If you don't live in Texas and haven't spent a lot of time in the Lone Star State, you may have some assumptions about Texas weather. But in reality, the weather here varies quite a bit by region, which makes sense considering the state's massive size. The eastern region, particularly toward the south near the Gulf Coast, is considered a humid subtropical climate, while the western parts of the state are more arid.

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  • Hot summer temperatures are consistent across the area, and it isn't uncommon for highs to extend into the triple digits in most parts of the state. Winter is usually fairly mild throughout most of the state, but desert communities can see temperatures drop below freezing after the sun goes down, and the Panhandle sometimes experiences snow.

    Spring and fall are typically less extreme as far as temperature is concerned. However, spring and fall can bring severe weather to Texas, which is generally considered one of the most tornado-active states in the country.

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    Late spring and early summer are the most tornado-prone times of year here. April and May bring heavy rainfall across much of the state, too, which can result in flooding. Summer also brings the risk of hurricanes in the coastal region. Overall, fall is the most uneventful time of year for Texas weather, which may explain why so many people choose this season for their weddings.

    Because Texas is such a massive state with so many different cultural pockets, it can be difficult to pin down a list of specific dates-to-avoid that apply to the entire state. If you want to plan a Texas wedding that involves minimal traffic concerns and avoids other logistical headaches, you may want to shy away from major sporting events in Texas's big cities. This includes college and even high school football.

    Historically relevant holidays that are local to Texas and aren't generally celebrated in the US are another thing to look out for when setting a date. Avoiding schedule clashes with popular holidays and events that attract tourists may help you and your guests save some money. See our comprehensive guide to these dates in , and And here are some annual and upcoming events to think about as you consider where and when you will be getting married in Texas:.

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    Helping your guests feel comfortable and welcome is one of the key ingredients to wedding success. With such a wide variety of unique wedding venues in Texas—from rustic barns to luxe private clubs—there are so many places for a celebration that is a true reflection of your couple style while also making it fun for your friends and family. No matter where you choose to get married, giving your guests a great experience starts with you creating your very own wedding website.

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    • Our office is located at E. Our office is open during the lunch hour. You may purchase your Marriage License in any county in Texas and get married anywhere in the State of Texas. Click here to view the new Marriage License. To request a Certified Copy of your Marriage License, click here. Please send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to return your license.