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Our records are open for public viewing during regular office hours.

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To obtain genealogy information you may contact the Washington Genealogical Society at www. Death Records In Iowa, official registration of deaths began July 1, To obtain a raised-seal, certified copy of a death record you can request a copy in writing or come into the office. Deaths that occurred in any county in Iowa from - present are available. Deaths before are available in the county the death occurred.

D eaths between the years to are not available by mail, contact the Iowa Department of Public Health at For deaths outside of Iowa, you will need to contact the vital records department in that state.

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Legal representatives must provide additional proof of entitlement. To obtain a raised-seal, certified copy of a marriage record you can request a copy in writing or come into the office. Marriages that took place anywhere in Iowa from - present are available.

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Marriages between the years to are not available by mail, contact the Iowa Department of Public Health at Once we receive your request we will mail it by the following day. Skip to Main Content. Local Wedding Officiants for your wedding or vow renewal ceremony.

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Ask a Lawyer Online Now! Party A, Party B must present Social Security information at the time of signing the marriage license application.

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  • Both parties and the witness will need to provide photo identification. Iowa has a three 3 business day waiting period before the License is valid and the actual marriage may occur. This does NOT include the day the application is received for processing and will be delayed if there are errors on the application. If the divorce was within 60 days, a signed copy of the divorce decree will need to be shown. Under Iowa Code for Revenue and Finance1, common law marriage in Iowa is legal for the purposes of filing income taxes Administrative Rule, Chapter 39 [] and property tax exemptions Administrative Rule, Chapter 73 []. The parties have lived together continuously and consummated the marriage no special time limit, however. Both parties are legally capable of entering into a marriage relationship; that is, both are of legal age and neither is legally married to someone else at the time.

    Only legally solemnized marriage ceremonies per the Code of Iowa, chapter , are registered as an Iowa vital event.

    What Is A Certified Copy Of My Marriage Certificate?

    Such marriages permit the parties to legally change their surname through the marriage certificate. Common law marriages are not registered in the Iowa vital records system.

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    A common law marriage is a social relationship that meets all the necessary requisites of a marriage except that it was not solemnized, performed or witnessed by an official authorized to perform marriages.