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Scott, Gustav A. Allen, Chester G. Allen, Thomas S. Bland, James A. Boecker, G. Chambers, Walter P. Co, Ladiladah Cobb, George L. Converse, Frank B. Davis, Katherine Davor, Krklju? Davydov, Karl Day, E.

It is the same as Pedantic English majors, who know absolutely nothing about science, insisting that the problem at hand is Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming vs Natural Variability. There is no solid evidence to support that claim. One exception is Cellitti et al. However, in that study, the vortex was defined as a small, closed circulation centered just north of Baffin Island, which is quite different from the larger-scale hemispheric circumpolar tropospheric vortex considered in the abovementioned climatological studies.

Rather, as in the case of , the events of interest tend to be associated only with transient and localized displacements of the tropospheric vortex [Rossby wave] edge.

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Rossby wave is a property of polar jet stream under control of polar vortex, or polar vortex makes it more or less pronounced and sometime grossly distorted. After another look by zooming in on my mobile device small screen, I agree the first image is wrong, so make you could make your view known to NOAA. All the gunfire in the gunfree zones of Chicago kept the temperature from dropping. Good thing there is no such thing as urban heat island effect.

The worst in the past years evidently was About the only positive is most people just get weary of everything being caused by climate change and just tune it out. Hopefully this will be a wake up call to people who live there to quit voting for people who want to take away the fossil fuels that keep them alive in times like this. An electrical motor can be designed to run at any temperature the biggest issue will be the bearings.

So a manufacturer of either will specify an operating temperature range which will be because of their particular design and materials they use.


Okeechobee news ( May 17, 2007 )

A solar panel works in space would you like to try a colder enviroment they have more issues with heat. The sun never sets in space, ….. Cheers Mike. Just too much concrete, jet, car and furnace exhausts hanging over the area.

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The company also suggests using electric space heaters. Michigan residents are being asked to turn down temperatures to 65 degrees to conserve natural gas.

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Our newly elected governor Democrat ran on a platform to shut down Line 5, which brings gas to Michigan from Canada. She believes that renewable energy, conservation, and global warming will reduce the demand for natural gas in the state. The actual temp on that same thermostat is pegged at the bottom at 40, so the furnace is pretty much running continuously. I just went by there to make sure the disabled vet who lives in the back apt. This is the kind of weather people go to sleep in and never wake up.

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  4. I am living in Ontario and have the same problem, furnace running continuously house temp at I am now supplementing the furnace with the gas stove. I always wondered why the builders of may house installed two gas fireplaces on the main floor when my house was renovated back in The best ones even have small, quite fans to circulate the rooms air through them for extra efficiency.

    True, and they still operate when power goes out, just no fan. I already have several people on list to put in ventless gas heaters for them. Seems they think winter weather will be back at some point in the future! It is a steel firebox inside a large fireplace opening with air vents on each side and a grill above that is just below the mantel.

    College of the Holy Cross | Holy Cross Magazine

    So air comes in around the box and comes out the grill. The fireplace grill gets so hot after 20 minutes that you cannot touch it. Of course, we have great insulated walls and ceiling, but good old wood stoves and fireplace inserts can help, especially in emergency situations. You could replace them with ventless gas heaters.

    I used two of them to heat our house, along with wood burner for deep cold periods, for quite a few years. A bit of research and you are in business. Funny you should mention ventless heaters. The dining room fireplaces is a ventless design. When the gas company disconnected the two heaters they removed the pipe from the one but the ventless had the complete regulator removed.

    From looking at it it seems like a gigantic coleman lantern on the inside. I think I will replace it with a more modern unit. And in other news, Madison, WI mayor urges residents to keep their thermostats up to at least 65 F to prevent pipes from freezing. And at Penn State, home institution of the great Michael Mann, classes are canceled for remainder of day on Jan 30, and all day Jan It is not uncommon for Penn State to shut down for snow or ice. And more so in recent years.

    The local news says that the students petitioned administration to close. On Jan.

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    I predict a big run on Grilled Stickies, or whatever those things are called. They closed recently. Our daughter waited tables there some years ago as a freshman. Beer distributors and liquor store are probably about emptied out about now! They will be calling for emergency loads for Stupor Bowl weekend.

    Are these molly-coddled wimps good for anything other than complaining? Mom was pissed because the cold damaged her azaleas. On Dec. I drove that day to S. Royalton, VT, where the sun seemed to be setting at 2 in the afternoon and they told me that morning there it had been minus No one seemed to think that was anything terribly noteworthy.

    We just went about our business, with gloves. Just like today. Tonight the temperature can beat records in the Northeast. I read 3 separate incident reports of people being robbed of their winter coats in Chicagoland area. Crime, it just chuggs right along, babee! Stockpile on renewable energy particularly solar and wind. I hope this cold makes the warmunists get down off their high white horses, but they are in denial. All the ice was supposed to be gone by now. They will just keep changing the story to suit them.