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And that might have resolved it, if Donald Trump had not questioned his legitimacy as a candidate.

And just like that, with one question, the real estate mogul effectively brought this issue from the far reaches of conspiracy Internet sites to the forefront of American dialogue. This, of course, would likely create a spectacle that could prove politically advantageous to Trump, who is currently losing to Cruz in Iowa, the first primary state.

In the same manner, Bear thinks that Cruz should be forthright with the American people and go to the Supreme Court to get this question resolved once and for all.

Most legal experts contend that Cruz meets the qualifications of this constitutional standard by having an American mother and thus obtaining her citizenship upon his birth. In , after the Revolution, the United States passed the Naturalization Act, which said that children who were born to U.

Hard-Line ‘Birthers’ Soldier On After Certificate’s Release | Southern Poverty Law Center

But these standards are not clear enough proof for people like Joseph Farah, the editor-in-chief of conservative site WorldNetDaily. Was it enough to have one parent be an American citizen? In , the Supreme Court declined to hear the case after a federal court in New Jersey dismissed it and the U. Arpaio's foray into birtherdom has scored him the recent cover of Globe magazine , and if there's anything the sheriff loves, it's attention, no matter what the source.

Obama Birthers Now Want Ted Cruz’s Head

Which is why I'm suggesting Arpaio have his crack birther posse team look into UFO and chupacabra sightings, hunt for the Lost Dutchman Mine, examine casts of Sasquatch's footprints, and find out if the Illuminati really do run the world. All rights reserved. We use cookies to collect and analyze information on site performance and usage, and to enhance and customize content and advertisements.

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Donald Trump Speaks about Obama's Birth Certificate in New Hampshire

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BREAKING: Jerome Corsi's Birther Book Pulled from Shelves!

Frankly, many people were surprised that it took so long for this to happen. Is his birth certificate legitimate?

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  7. I have not read the book written by Jerry Corsi nor did we discuss whether or not the birth certificate was computer generated or in any way fabricated. I merely asked him how his book was doing and wished him good luck.