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During the interview - at a Fat Burger restaurant in Los Angeles - Sizemore reveals he knows another former gang member who also has information on the shootings and would try to find his number and pass it to the FBI. He then reveals how he wants to help agents "take down" a crystal meth warehouse run by the Mexican mafia after his teen sister got hooked on the drug. Knight, who ran Death Row Records, has long been at the centre of speculation that he in fact had Tupac killed because the rapper was planning to leave his record company - then had Biggie killed to deflect attention from the Tupac murder.

He has always denied any involvement in either murder and is currently serving a year sentence for the death of a man in a hit and run incident in We pay for your stories! Do you have a story for The Sun Online news team?

Death Row Records Documentary (Live After Death Row)

We pay for videos too. Sign in. All Football. Harvey Solomon-Brady. Wright Jr has long has long been linked to claims he was involved in the shooting of Tupac. However, he denies he had anything to do with the shooting of Tupac. Dre's debut solo album, which heavily featured Snoop and the rest of the label's core roster. The album went on to sell 5,, records in the US , [17] establishing the West Coast in the hip-hop industry and popularizing the distinctive style of G-Funk.

Hasbro acquires famed rap label Death Row Records for $4B

After finding solo success, Dr. Dre began crafting Snoop Dogg's debut album Doggystyle ; the process took two years. Snoop's debut was released in due to public demand and high pressure from retailers. Though unfinished, [19] it outperformed The Chronic at Quadruple Platinum , [20] and garnered similarly glowing reviews. Delores Tucker and Vice Presidential candidate Dan Quayle sparked [ citation needed ] by criticizing gangsta rap for being against American values, degrading to black women, and encouraging violence towards police officers.

By , the label began to flood with Suge Knight's cronies—friends and gang members fresh out of jail, as well as off-duty LAPD officers later implicated in the Rampart scandal working as security. Emboldened, Knight began taking more control of the label and further sought the spotlight, while Dr.

Dre receded into the background, shying away from the violent atmosphere and Suge Knight's newfound volatility. Tucker's pressure to conform extended to a joint proposal by herself and a Warner executive to set up a record label with Knight to put out content-controlled hip-hop music, which Knight billed as a breach of contract, [14] resulting in a switch in distribution from Time Warner to Interscope.

At The Source Awards in , the Death Row roster's performance garnered a poor reception from the mainly East Coast audience; Knight also made comments pertaining to Bad Boy CEO Puff Daddy , sparking friction between the two labels and, soon after, the two entire coasts. Knight soon signed 2Pac while he was incarcerated on a sexual abuse conviction, after agreeing to post 2Pac's bail. At the same time, a rift between Michael and Lydia Harris and Suge and David Kenner began to grow, with the latter pair denying Harris' involvement in the company and refusing to take his phone calls.


The video, set in New York City , New York, was also heightened when the set was fired upon in a drive-by. The single provoked a response called '" L. Another report was that Sam Sneed was beaten in one of the label's meetings by a group of Death Row affiliates, led by Suge Knight and 2Pac. Dre but was mixed by Dr. Dre, a further testament to Dre's dwindling involvement with his own record label. Dre also grew tired of Knight's violence within the label, although he contributed toward two tracks on 2Pac's All Eyez on Me. The rest of the tracks on the album, however, were mostly produced by Daz Dillinger and Johnny J , despite Dr.

Dre being nominally titled as Executive Producer.

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Shakur's behavior reportedly became erratic as he continued his verbal wars with The Notorious B. On March 22 , due to the infighting, Dr. Suge Knight's relationship with MC Hammer dates back to Hammer's music titled Too Tight , although he did release versions of some tracks on his next album. Formerly a united front of artists, Death Row's roster fractured into separate camps. Suge Knight was now barely reachable by his staff, and employees were assaulted as punishment for not following orders.

Later that night, 2Pac was shot four times in a drive-by shooting in the front seat of Suge Knight's BMW iL waiting at a red traffic light at crossroads ; en route to Knight's Las Vegas Club ; [31] [32] despite living six days in critical condition, 2Pac died September 13, Both albums achieved Platinum sales.

Suge Knight was convicted of parole violation and sentenced to nine years in prison, causing Interscope to drop their distribution deal with the label.

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After the release of her solo album , The Lady of Rage left. Kurupt returned to the label in upon Suge Knight's release from prison. Maintaining artistic control from behind bars, Suge Knight launched smear campaigns against his former artists, most notably Snoop Dogg.

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Suge Knight also signed Left Eye. Despite bad blood, Kurupt would again sign with Suge Knight in exchange for the position of Vice President, which sparked a feud between himself and Daz Dillinger and Snoop Dogg. He began work on Against tha Grain ; his verbal feud with his former partners continued from to Lopes joined to record a second solo album under the pseudonym N. The album was leaked online in After promoting his new talent from prison, directing a campaign against his former artists and exacerbating the conflict between Daz Dillinger and Kurupt, [36] Suge had still yet to release any albums by his new artists.

After Kurupt's second departure, Against tha Grain was released; soon after, citing dissatisfaction with serving five years on the label and seeing no release, [37] Rapper Crooked I left Death Row, eventually filing a gag order on Knight to prevent him from interfering with him finding a new deal. Suge Knight eventually lost control of Death Row Records and his personal assets when Chapter 11 Trustees took over both cases.

On January 25, , an auction was held for everything found in Death Row's office after it filed for bankruptcy.

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Since the acquisition, the company has continued to release material from its vast archives of materials acquired in the sale. Since the acquisition of the material, Money Mafia-Death Row, under the management of WIDEawake, has made many positive steps towards improving the image of Death Row by making good on its promise to make royalty payments to many of the artists, producers, and songwriters with commercially released material under the label. The Chronic Re-Lit was released on September 1, Dre interview, a Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg mini movie, and television commercials for the original The Chronic release.

Death Row The Ultimate Collection [44] was released on November 24 and was a special box set containing three audio CDs one greatest hits disc and two discs of unreleased content , one DVD of music videos which includes the unreleased Dr. During this period, there was a distribution venture between Entertainment One , Wideawake, and Death Row.

Hasbro, home of 'My Little Pony,' acquires Death Row Records

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Death Row Records Founder To Be Released From Jail After 31 Years

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