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Thanks to Mathew Lippincott for the challenge! Rob makes things flat and makes things rat!

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Doug took the flatness and folded it up into an complex sphere of ideation speaking and listening. Taylor heats it up and makes it round so he can make it flat! We also talk about ekphrasis poetry, Frederick Douglass, re-dad-ing. And we have to give a shout out the Mr.

Ashton Kutcher recalls horror of girlfriend's 2001 murder as trial of 'serial killer' looms

Brown's 7th Period Poetry Class! Douglas Brown. Now over 10, square feet and membersVoir dire - WikipediaZooniverse. Episode Precision.

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Mathew Lippincott is our guest this episode! Portland in tha house! Thanks Quinn Dunki for sending us the challenge! Taylor puts the work and flow into rework and reflow. Mathew folds, unfolds and beholds! Rob's morning ritual goes exactly as planned. We also talk about Mathew's encounters as a volunteer operator for the Futel telco network and AirPup, his latest amazing dirigible project.

Links:Head Full of Airfutel. Episode Build a working camera and take a photo with it. Quinn Dunki is our guest this episode! Thanks Arturo Romo for sending us the challenge!

Rob goes for broke and then goes for broke again Quinn brings tha heat in order to freeze a moment in our lives. Taylor risks being arrested capturing photographic psychedelia but perseverance and Metallica gets him through. We also talk about amazing wire walker and interventionist Philippe Petit. Quinn gave us our next challenge at the end of the episode and you can hear the fear in Rob's voice.

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  6. Arrest made after DNA evidence recovered from victim who survived attack.
  7. Episode Hate. No guest this episode! Just Rob and Taylor making it to Episode 41!!! We talk about gamifying meat popsicles for the big cats and Taylor gives two thumbs up to the new film Hereditary. Taylor adopts his least favorite style and rocks it! Rob gets a smart home device. He also lets us know how dumb he was when he was in high school. This episode is one embarrassment after another for Rob. Episode Oceanic. Just Rob and Taylor making it to Episode 40!!! Oceanic is our challenge this episode! Thank you to previous guest Matthew Shenoda for the challenge!

    Also, every 10 episodes we ask our previous guests to call in and let us know what they're up to.

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    • Arrest made after DNA evidence recovered from victim who survived attack.
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    We're so excited by the calls! Rob makes a map from and for? And it spins at 33RPM. Taylor goes wild and knocks down so many problems! It's pretty oceanically epic. Episode Overkill. Matthew Shenoda is our guest this episode! Providence, Rhode Island in tha house! We finally have a poet on the podcast!


    We speak with Matthew about the craft of poetry and also hear from him about the African Poetry Book Fund, a really cool organization he cofounded that publishes 3 to 4 books a year and works with Akashic books to publish an African poetry box set! Ask Taylor about the Big Bang. Matthew is born again hard-boiled. Rob goes the distance to get a pose-able figure. Episode Eavesdropping. Kate Conlon is our guest this episode! Rob rubs Buenos Aires the right way. Kate takes all of us on a nefarious and wild ride or is it a drive? Taylor yearns to put the urn in turn.

    Episode Not My Style. Nigel Poor is our guest this episode! San Francisco in tha house! We speak with Nigel about her teaching, photography and her artmaking projects at San Quentin State Prison. Nigel co-hosts the podcast Ear Hustle with Earlonne Woods who co-founded the podcast with fellow inmate Antwan Williams. Taylor cops Nigel's style.

    Nigel leaves listening to chance and gets earfuls of anger. Rob goes from rock crawler to kissyface.

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    Episode Resistance. Jarrett Quon is our guest this episode! We talk about the fallacy of "talent" and the hard-workin fun-work of practice and learning and practicing some more. Rob wears his arm out drilling holes. Jarrett asks what a swimming pool, BBQ grill, and water bottle have in common. Taylor hones his routing and printing skillz!

    We also talk to Jarrett about his experiences with the Glowforge laser cutter.