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You also have to pay car-related taxes in your new country if you have your normal residence In most EU countries, normal residence means the place where you live for at least 6 months a year. Car registration deadlines differ from one EU country to another.

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Check the exact deadline with the national authorities of your host country to avoid paying fines. You usually have 12 months to bring your car to your new country after changing your normal residence. Cristina from Spain found a job in France and moved there. In a couple of months, she decided to bring her Spanish registered car to France but didn't re-register it there.

She regularly used her car to go to work, however, the traffic police who were carrying out a routine check stopped her on one occasion.

As she was driving with a Spanish registration plate, she was given a large fine because Cristina didn't know that in France she needs to re-register her car within 6 months after changing her main residence to a French one. If you have already paid car registration taxes in your previous country of residence, you may be able to apply for a tax refund there. In some cases, however, you may end up paying double taxes depending on the country you are moving to.

If you move to another EU country and you are going to stay for less than 6 months, you don't have to register your car or pay any registration taxes there.

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You can keep your car registered in your country of residence. A car reg check is a key part of our HPI Check service. You can either purchase a full HPI Check, or a Multicheck valid for three vehicles , both of these options include a number plate check. HPI Trade Customers. My HPI.

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