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Vancouver is located in in the westernmost province of British Columbia in the country of Canada.

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Vancouver White Pages To search for Vancouver phone numbers using the Vancouver white pages please choose from the following options. French, or English.

  1. Contact Yellow Pages Offices - Yellow Pages Canada?
  2. Yellow Pages Might Be Scamming Your Business Out of Hard Earned $.
  3. Yellow Pages Might Be Scamming Your Business Out of Hard Earned $?
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  5. The links below will provide you with either of those options. French Version Or you can search for Vancouver businesses using the search box below. Search all travel websites at once!

    Custom Search Enjoy This Site? The change in usage that has people searching online for numbers and listings, businesses looking to advertise through other media and a reduced demand for land lines has meant the bulky, printed Yellow Pages directory is shrinking in terms of importance — and in size.

    That transition has seen Yellow Pages Group report nine million unduplicated unique visitors to its websites — YellowPages. It measures just under 2.

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    It measured close to three centimetres in depth. Story said it will get smaller still as the company is looking at reformatting the printed version.


    Residential phone books no longer automatically available in several cities

    But Story said they are not about to kill the directory outright. According to Telus spokesman Shawn Hall, there are now 3. There has been a 7.

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    7. Despite that reduced demand, the province will have a new area code introduced later this year. On June 1, the area code will be laid over the entire province.

      Verizon Information Services to Purchase TELUS Advertising Services Directory Business

      Hall said the new code will likely go unnoticed at first as it will be assigned to people with tablet computers or using smart cards to connect to the Internet. The code was added in The new Victoria telephone directory is a shadow of its former self. The Yellow Pages directory: A shadow of its former self.