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Fourth St. The company lists an address in the block of Manor Road in Bethlehem Township, which property records indicate is owned by Manbir Singh and Simran Kaur. John S. Michael E.

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Brunnabend, executor of an estate. Gabriel Arroyo Inc. Arroyo lists a mailing address in the block of Cherokee Street in Bethlehem. Bethlehem has been battling Kanofsky for years to get the property cleaned up and sold, so it can be redeveloped. The property and an adjacent lot have been declared blighted.

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A Northampton County judge recently granted the city a conservatorship so it can get the property cleaned up and sold. Calypso Ave. Goepp St. The property was developed by Garrett Benner. Rothacker Jr.

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Dymek lists a post office box in property records as his address. Baladi Abdullah, of Brooklyn, N.

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Property Tax Information

Residential Assessment Residential Rate Assessment Before October 1, , owners of all improved property in the county paid for disposal, which is the cost to process the waste after it is collected, directly to their waste hauler or their municipality. The municipalities included the disposal fees in the rates they charged their residential customers, typically via an utility bill or incorporated in their ad valorem taxes. Beginning October 1, , the SWA began charging residential property owners directly for these costs through a non ad valorem assessment on the annual tax bill. Ownership records provide information on Palm Beach County property tax assessments, property tax history, and any unpaid property taxes for land in Boca Raton.

Buyers of property in Boca Raton use Land Records to understand a property's history and value.

Palm Beach County property tax assessments obtained from the Tax Assessor's Office provide important information about a property's history, including any unpaid property taxes, changes in property tax rates, and any previous sales and transactions. Boca Raton property tax records are an important aspect of publicly available Land Records. Genealogists and people searching family history records find Boca Raton Land Records for tracing family history.

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Records of property and land ownership can help historians and family researchers alike discover ancestral property holdings, parcels owned by relatives, and analyze trends in population demographics. Public Land Records Land Records provide a wide variety of information about land and property including deeds, titles, easements, and tax sales.

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Boca Raton Land and Property Ownership Searches Land Records provide substantial information about Boca Raton properties and parcels including details on ownership of land. Genealogy Research Genealogists and people searching family history records find Boca Raton Land Records for tracing family history.