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Requests for rush service will be processed within 2 business days and will be couriered to you. Service times listed above are approximations and are not guaranteed. Incomplete or inaccurate applications will significantly delay processing time. Fees include all taxes, search, shipping and processing charges. If no record of the birth is found by the Quebec Vital Statistics Agency, fees will be applied to the search cost and will not be refunded by the Agency.

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All birth certificates in Quebec are mailed or couriered directly from the Quebec Vital Statistics Agency. This site is available for use by the general public and legal profession to obtain government approved and official certificates issued by the government agency. We act as agents for expediting vital certificate applications.

We are not affiliated with any government agency. Vital certificates and forms may be ordered from the relevant government agency for free or a lesser cost. Order Immediately. Fast Processing Times. Expert Assistance and Support Provided. Secure Online Applications Avoid long lines and government offices.

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Expert Assistance Full service support and thorough review of all required information. You have 30 days to do so at no cost. Once the declaration of birth is signed and dated by the registrar of civil status, it becomes the child's official act of birth.

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Therefore, it is important to make sure that no error is made in completing the declaration and that all the information requested is entered. Top of page.

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The physician or midwife completes the Constat de naissance attestation of birth form. Regardless of your choice, the staff at the health institution or birth centre must provide you with your copy of the attestation of birth completed by the physician or the midwife. If you choose not to use the online service to declare the birth of your child, you must complete the paper declaration of birth provided by the staff at the health institution or birth centre.

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It is preferable to leave the completed and signed declaration with the staff at the health institution or birth centre before your departure. If you prefer, you can complete the declaration of birth electronically when you return home, instead of completing the paper form.

You can also use this online service to complete the Application for Simplified Access to Birth-related Government Programs and Services , which facilitates access to more than ten government programs and services. In addition, it enables you to apply for a certificate or a copy of an act at a reduced rate and to track your file. Either parent may complete and sign the declaration of birth. However, it is important for the parent who declares the birth to enter all of the information concerning the child's other parent so that filiation with the child is established.

Please note that only the biological mother can give certain consents in the Application for Simplified Access to Birth-related Government Programs and Services section, whether the paper form is completed or the online service is used.

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Both parents must complete and sign the declaration of birth so that filiation with the child can be established. If one of the parents does not sign the declaration of birth, filiation with the child will not be established, and that parent's information will not appear on the child's act of birth, even if it is entered on the declaration of birth. If you complete the paper declaration of birth, make sure that you do so in the language of your choice, i. French or English. As for the Electronic Declaration of Birth online service, you must select the language yourself by answering a question.

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The certificate or the copy of the act issued in respect of an act is in the same language as the act. The deadline is the same for the paper and electronic declarations.

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A declaration of birth transmitted after that deadline entails payment of the applicable fees. For information on the fees for the late registration of a birth, see Processing fees and turnaround. Otherwise, fees will apply.