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There should be a general prohibition against criminal record checks for recruitment. Exceptions would be granted on a case-by-case basis, where it was deemed a lawful and b necessary. Government should ensure that criminal record details are provided directly to the individual, and not to third parties such as employers.

Requirements for Going to Europe with a Criminal Record

Individuals should be able to obtain a copy of what they might have to reveal to a future employer. In particular, this would mean being able to get a copy of your own DBS, at a notional cost in line with data protection rights.

Employers Employers should only carry out a criminal record check where there is specific law which requires them to do so. Research should be carried out which looks at the effects of asking for criminal record details at different stages of the recruitment process.

Employers should shift the phrasing of their questions towards asking for details of what would be disclosed on the relevant level of check that the job is eligible for.

Criminal record declarations on job applications preventing rehabilitation

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If you have any comments about the information contained in the main documents, or spot any errors, please contact icit homeoffice. From 6 April , all Tier 2 General visa applicants who want to work in specified health, education or social care sectors must provide a criminal record certificate.