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The division is headed by a chief deputy secretary. The camps are for males and females. As of Dec. PIA develops and maintains work opportunities for inmates. Commission is made up of 12 members. Audits and Compliance : Safeguards public assets entrusted to the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation through evaluative measures to ensure compliance with state and federal guidelines, departmental policies and court mandates. It is headed by an assistant secretary. Office of Legal Affairs: Manages all litigation involving the Department; provides legal advice and assistance to the Secretary and staff of the Department; and represents the department in administrative proceedings.

Office of Legislation: Provides executive policy advice and assistance on matters impacting the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. Office of the Ombudsman: Provides management advice and consultation to the administration and makes recommendations to resolve critical issues that impact departmental policies, procedures and programs at specific institutions. Office of Research: Office is responsible for publishing a variety of reports ranging from statistical summaries of its adult and juvenile offender populations to evaluations of innovative rehabilitative treatment programs.


Strategic Offender Management System: Project aims to consolidate existing databases and records to provide a fully automated system and replace manual paper. The cuts assume that the state will be moving tens of thousands of inmates to local governments and the Supreme Court ruling should only make that more necessary , which should allow CDCR to get a jump on the 3, jobs Brown is expected to cut from it. Corrections Secretary Matthew Cate said that the department has unfilled positions in its budget that will absorb some of those loses. Along those same lines, the movement of inmates to local governments is expected to lead to a significant reduction in expenditures for private and out-of-state prison costs.

The juvenile justice system in California has undergone myriad changes over the years as the state struggles to find a humane way to incarcerate youthful offenders, keep them separate from the adult correctional population, encourage rehabilitation and not break the bank doing it.

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The reviled California Youth Authority came under attack for years before being reorganized as part of a new Division of Juvenile Justice within the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation in Yet the juvenile justice system remains fractured and in some ways has become more so as economic pressures drive a state solution that includes shifting more juvenile offenders into county facilities.

The state has steadily shifted the less hard-core youths to county facilities while offering the counties financial support to take them. The state had approximately 10, youths under its control in Most of those now in the juvenile justice system are of a more hardened variety than the hubcap-stealing youngsters of a bygone era.

The real downside of this penalty is that it will push hundreds of young people into adult prisons. In the run up to the U. Supreme Court decision in May that California must drastically reduce its prison population, a series of scandalous controversies engulfed the Corrections department. None was more horrific than that involving the prison medical system. In , U. He said the care failed to meet constitutional standards of decency.

Instead, according to recent audits, the cost of compensation simply shifted from State employees to the private providers.

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Two years later, Judge Henderson fired Sillen, saying the effort was taking too long and was too confrontational. The judge replaced him with J. Clark Kelso, a lawyer with experience turning around government institutions in crisis. Sillen had clashed with lawyers for inmates, lawmakers and other state officials while demanding that the state dramatically increase spending on prison medical care. Sillen could not provide an original receipt, a list of guests or the business purpose, the report said.

The inspector general at the time, Matthew Cate, was appointed head of the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation two years later. Russo, California Progress Report. But over the years, lawmakers in Sacramento became increasingly critical of what many perceived to be an overly close relationship between OIG and officials at the Department of Corrections, the agency it is supposed to be monitoring. And now two bills have been proposed in the state Senate to finish the job. A bill by Sen. Loni Hancock, D-Berkeley, would eliminate the inspector general position and create a new Office of Independent Correctional Oversight that would pick up many of the remaining functions.

It would have a director instead of an inspector general, though it would still report to the governor and require Senate confirmation.

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The OIG is perhaps best known in recent years for its scathing reports on parole agents' improper supervision of convicted rapist Phillip Garrido, who was sentenced to life in prison for holding Jaycee Dugard captive in a backyard compound for 18 years, and their failure to send molester John Albert Gardner III back to prison before he could murder two San Diego County teenagers. Making matters worse, a Senate report released in November questioned why OIG employees carry guns, take state cars home at night and qualify for early peace officer retirement benefits, even though they rarely exercise police powers.

None of the office's investigators had fired a gun or made an arrest in at least five years, the Senate report said. Hancock said. Instead, he granted it a new authority and gave it a bigger budget. Don Specter, director of the Berkeley-based Prison Law Office, said it is important for lawmakers to protect the office's duties and independence.

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His nonprofit law firm has filed many of the lawsuits alleging poor conditions in California prisons. An additional 1, prisoners with a high risk of committing drug and property crimes were also released, OIG officials said. Corrections officials disputed the findings of the page report, which does not indicate whether any of the parolees who were improperly classified went on to commit new crimes.

Oversight of correctional issues would be taken over by the Bureau of State Audits. Medical inspections would be transferred to Office of State Audits and Evaluations. Reducing State Government Revised budget supplemental pdf.

A significant part of that effort included shifting more inmates to the community level, a process that had already begun when the U. Indeed, much of the reorganization of the Department of Corrections was based on reducing the prison population and putting more emphasis on providing inmates with programs and training to help them re-enter society, and make a big dent in the high rate of recidivism that many consider a major factor in the overcrowding.

Seventeen states saw their recidivism rates fall and they climbed in 15 states. Democrats and Republicans generally agree that overcrowding is a problem. They differ on the root cause, and what to do about it. Although it was noted that Governor Schwarzenegger had said in that conditions amounted to a state of emergency, Kennedy seemed persuaded that the passage of time required a court remedy. Needless suffering and death have been the well-documented result.

Over the whole course of years during which this litigation has been pending, no other remedies have been found to be sufficient. Efforts to remedy the violation have been frustrated by severe overcrowding in California's prison system. Short term gains in the provision of care have been eroded by the long-term effects of severe and pervasive overcrowding. Justices Antonin Scalia and Samuel A.

Alito Jr.

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Most of them will not be prisoners with medical conditions or severe mental illness; and many will undoubtedly be fine physical specimens who have developed intimidating muscles pumping iron in the prison gym. Alito was more blunt. Before putting public safety at risk, every reasonable precaution should be taken.

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  • The decision below should be reversed, and the case should be remanded for this to be done. I fear that today's decision, like prior prisoner release orders, will lead to a grim roster of victims. I hope that I am wrong. In a few years, we will see. California law enforcement officials agreed and said that trying to squeeze more inmates into already overcrowded county systems would force early releases.

    Steve Cooley said. Dutton said state officials should instead fast-track construction of new prisons and pressure the federal government to take custody of thousands of illegal immigrant felons housed in the state system. The new leader of the stressed-out, scandal-ridden California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation CDCR is a former prison guard and retired year veteran of the institution, returning from four years of consulting with some of its largest contractors.