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Mostly would-be investors who are upset that they are wasting their time looking at house after house that doesn't make sense financially to buy as an investment property. Interestingly enough, I got my real estate license 20 years ago primarily so I could have immediate access to freshly listed properties in the MLS Multiple Listing Service. Of course, as a Realtor, I could also learn more about the legal side or real estate which would be advantages as an investor.

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However having a license as an investor is a double edge sword. There are pros and cons to being licensed when investing, but that is for another post. As an investor having access to the MLS multiple listing service seemed like the best way to get the deals before everyone else did. Early on in my investing career I bought properties that were listed on the MLS. What I came to discover is it proved to be a struggle and a whole lot of work.

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I now had access to the latest properties before they were noticed by the thundering herd of buyers and investors. However it did not take long to learn that sellers of a property that was freshly placed on the market were not motivated to take low ball offers. I was becoming frustrated searching hundreds of listings, and then crunching the numbers, only to narrow it down to a few worthy properties. I would then drive by the properties and crunch more numbers, occasionally writing an offer that would not be accepted and not make its way to contract just to start the process all over again.

I knew there had to be a better way because most of these properties did not have any financial merits for investing at all. The formula to find investment properties worthy of buying is look at properties online, narrow it to and write offers and hopefully get one property. While doing much research I learned of properties that were not listed. I ran the numbers on these properties and, wow, they worked much better, so I started buying them.

I enjoyed this concept much better so I continued to search for more and more unlisted properties. How can I get top dollar for my home? How do I avoid running into legal problems? Start by reviewing our Home Seller's Guide ; when ready, request your Free Home Evaluation to obtain your home's market value.

Start by reviewing our Home Buyer's Guide to learn how to avoid missing out on your perfect home, and saving thousands of dollars in the process. Farms, multiplex's, and commercial properties for sale are also listed on the London Real Estate page. When you're ready, Register to bookmark listings and save searches, as well as receive listing alerts when new homes matching your criteria are listed! The information herein is believed to be accurate and timely, but no warranty as such is expressed or implied.

Used under license. He told me he was a real estate investor who closed on the home just yesterday.

Pocket listings are more common than you might think. Finding a quality realtor or realtors to work with can help you get a lot of investment opportunity leads.

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Another valuable source for off-market investment properties is a local wholesaler. A wholesaler is a real estate investor who directly markets to potential sellers, then negotiates an exclusive right to purchase their property. The wholesaler then assigns that contract to a buyer at a slightly higher price, making a profit on the difference. Because wholesalers are investors, most understand after repair value ARV and will factor repair costs or rental potential into their purchase price, which is typically low.

You can find local wholesalers by networking at your local real estate association or by searching online for "off-market investment properties" and your city. You can also call the number on any signs you see on the side of the road that say "we buy houses" or advertise off-market properties for sale.

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But not all wholesalers are considered equal. Some find opportunities more often -- or offer better pricing for properties -- than others.

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If you do work with a wholesaler, conduct your own due diligence. Don't rely solely on their projections and estimations. One of the most readily used methods for finding investment properties outside of the MLS is through direct marketing. Direct marketing can include mail campaigns -- sending a series of postcards or letters -- or online marketing such as Google or Facebook ads targeted to a list of potential sellers. This avenue for finding off-market investment properties can produce positive results, but can also be time-consuming and costly.

Direct marketing campaigns are typically run over several weeks or months, allowing for multiple touches and an increased likelihood of response. This all adds up over time. You have the option to buy a list of qualified leads to market to, such as properties in probate, properties in pre-foreclosure, or vacant properties. You might even "drive for dollars" -- drive or walk around your ideal investment area collecting addresses for properties to market to.

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It's time-consuming, but if your marketing reaches the seller at the right time, it could lead to a great investment opportunity. If you have the time and the funds to create or purchase a list of qualified potential sellers to market to consistently, this could be a worthwhile avenue of finding off-market investment properties.

Another free way to find investment properties outside of the MLS is by searching online at real-estate-specific websites such as Zillow , Craigslist , or a turnkey real estate investment platform like Roofstock. Zillow is one of the most readily used platforms in real estate. Although most properties for sale on Zillow are actively listed in the MLS, properties can be listed for sale by owner on Zillow.

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